Watch TEZ News Live TV Live Channel Will Start After Advertisement. Tez News channel is a 24 hours Hindi news channel launched by the TV Today Network on August 22nd 2005. Tez News a satellite news channel is the third news channel under the TV Today network. The catch line of the Tez News "Khabrein Phataphat" which literally means fast news has propelled the channel into providing short segments of news instead of long programme based news shows. The 24-hour Hindi news channel was launched with the sole aim of delivering news to the busy viewer who does not find enough time to devote to long and detailed news bulletins. However recently the channel has changed its motto in to "Khabar Har Pal" meaning Constant News. The channel has also launched a website in order to provide an interactive platform with its viewers. Tez News channel was launched with the combined efforts of Aroon Purie Managing Director of TV Today and G. Krishnan CEO of the company. The channel has shorter news slots with back-to-back news and no long-winded discussions or avoidable analysis. Its main motive is to provide its viewers with maximum news in minimum time. Tez News channel plans to further increase the news pie as it will attract viewers who lack time to view the entire news bulletin.